Natural Bath

After a long day of being dirty, i thought i should get clean naturally. Enjoy!

Last Call

Nakuru Bergamasco took some great shots of him serving me before closing time as Zynda Bergamasco watches intensely. Enjoy!

Cuddle Time

Some much needed cuddle time with my oldest and closest friend in SL, Panda. Enjoy!

On The Hunt

Im on the prowl, guess the question is for what? ;) Enjoy!

Morning Stretch

So its been awhile since i did a "Morning" picture, so here it is! Enjoy as always!

Beach Photos

So I bought the Maitreya body and decided to snap a few pics while i worked on my tan. Enjoy!

Helpful Staff

Another awesome photo done by Nakuru Bergamasco of him, me and his gorgeous wife Zyn Bergamasco in his garage. As always, enjoy!

2 For 1

Awesome photo done by a great friend Nakuru Bergamasco of him, me, and his gorgeous wife Zyn Bergamasco. Enjoy as always!

New Me

Thought id take a quick pic of the new me. Finally went to an all mesh body!